Doc-200615A -- Declaration of Global Satyagraha:
Pioneering Movement announces Declaration of Global Satyagraha. (Active Truth Force)
(2 pages, 238kb)
Doc-200718C -- Pioneer Organizations in the Global Satyagraha Movement
(1 page, 109kb)
Doc-200719A -- Individual Pioneers in the Global Satyagraha Movement
(1 page, 130kb)
Doc-200720B -- Satyagraha Resolution
(1 page, 223kb)
Doc-210525 -- Musings on Affecting Thought Processing with Goodness
(5 pages, 137kb)
Doc-210526 -- Musings on Global Satyagraha
(9 pages, 351kb)
Doc-210527 -- Musings on Higher Unity for Global Satyagraha
(10 pages, 466kb)
Doc-210528 -- Musings on Triggering Goodness
(10 pages, 612kb)
Doc-210709 -- Musings on a World without Borders
(7 pages, 153kb)
Doc-210728 -- Musings on Caring Communities
(5 pages, 331kb)
Doc-211021 -- Musings on Thoughts in the Unconscious Mind
(4 pages, 211kb)
Doc-220416 -- Musings on 'Confucius Said'
(3 pages, 461kb)

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